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Here's another guy you dont want on your server, this is a condump from[Jolt.co.uk] FA 2.8 #2 (Smallish)hostname: [Jolt.co.uk] FA 2.8 #2 (Smallish)version : 47/ 2583 insecuretcp/ip : : ps_river at: 0 , 0 y, 0 zplayers : 4 active (12 max)DiDi: It looks cools... DiDi B)GoiNg Commando: no it dosntGoiNg Commando: u sad bastard"cd_sound" is "0GoiNg Commando: nigga------------------------------------------DiDi: Get a lifeGoiNg Commando: shut up jew boyGoiNg Commando: u a jew------------------------------------------(TEAM PRIVATE) DiDi: I cant hear youUnknown command: fullupdate(TEAM PRIVATE) GoiNg Commando: thats coz ur jewish and u wearin ur kipper to tight----------------------------------------------DiDi: I have a condump , its a txt file that says eveything youve saidGoiNg Commando: so it will say[No C-D][TSC]PriMaL FeaR{Pvt} [: server logGoiNg Commando: SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH uncle fucker* A changed to 'Red Force'DiDi: how old are you ? 8 ? 10 ?GoiNg Commando: grow up ya little shit-------------------------------------------------------# name userid uniqueid frag time ping loss adr# 1 "GoiNg Commando" 98 STEAM_0:0:112660 20 38:44 30 1I also played with him when he had other names, I think he was using RevolveR 1 time and always the same "nice" language.
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