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The End


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I really don't know where I got this idea. It started as my MSN name, but it was too short, so i continued it a bit in my sig. But that was still too small, I had ideas, ideas that I don't even remember conduring. So I just started a new word document and began writing. The ideas just seemed to flow to my fingers as I typed away. I worked a half an hour on this...well...short story I guess. I think I'll be including it in one of my future stories that I'm currently starting to write. Anyway, I really believe it's one of those things that make you think sort of. Anyway, just want to know what you guys think. All thoughts accepted, whether it be negative or positive. So, here it is:The Orange Silence Archives.*There was once a great empire. It reached for miles, as far as the eye could see. It was the most advanced empire any world had ever seen. It was rich, and fat with power. Its people were happy, they celebrated its creation everyday. It was advanced, and everyday its greatest researchers made huge discoveries. Day after day they learned more and more about the human mind, creation, and life itself. Everyday, the empire expanded, taking up more land and taking up more resources. Everyday, more and more. It seemed its only purpose was to take and not give, to squeeze every drop out of everything they owned. Centauries were mere moments to them. Life was merely a flash, and it did not matter to them whether they died or not, because they all knew they would return soon after their death, in a new, healthy body. Then they would add more knowledge to the knowledge they already contained, and over time they became more and more hungry. Hungry for knowledge, for power, for life, for money, for anger, for hate, for sadness, for grief, for death. And for a time, this was good. For a time, this was a perfect world. A perfect world where people woke up in the morning, ate their three meals, and did what they had to do before they finally returned to their slumber. But for some, this was not enough. They not only craved what everyone else craved, they craved for something more. For a game, a game no small child could play or understand. No, it was a game they would control, and it was a game that their sons and daughters would play. They would control every movement, every action, in every moment of every hour of every day of every week of every month of ever year that the game lasted. The game became a sport to them. They enjoyed it much and saw it as a way of solving the problems of the world. They called this game War and they played it for centauries. But after every resource had been used, after every yard had been fought over, after every trench was built, after every soldier was dead, there was one who decided that they had crossed the line. There was one would decided that humans had gone too far. This one decided that humans had learned too much, had taken too much, had fought too much, and had died too much. So the decision was made, to end it.*A single flash and the sound of wind would end it all.A single flash, and the great empire of the humans feel to its knees. The towers crumbled, the buildings buckled, the beings evaporated, the roads broke, the lights blinked out, and the waters of the oceans turned red with the blood of a thousand life forms. But it did not stop there. Humanities dirt had spread itself throughout the galaxy, and throughout the universe. One could not simply destroy their home, and say that it is done. It must all be destroyed thought the ender. So the flash and sound of wind continued. It destroyed entire worlds, entire stars, entire galaxies, until there was nothing left to destroy. Then, it collapsed on itself, and sucked in all of existence. It did not stop until every object was in it. Then, it destroyed itself, leaving nothing.*As all of Creation blinked out of existence in a single moment, a lone being, the ender, stood in the middle of it all. Clad in golden armor that shined like the sun, and wisps of air and smoke as his wings, he stood there. As Creation crumbled, he watched in utter silence, a thought of sadness running over him. There shall be nothing left, nothing to see, or feel, or touch, or smell or taste thought the ender. But it had to be. The ender looked away from the destruction, from the torment, from the grief and death. No eyes shall ever see him, nor shall any hands touch him, but the ender knew that he'd always be. He'd be there, cold and scared, as the darkness surrounded him and closed in on him. He watched as the end finally destroyed itself, leaving him, the ender, alone with nothing, nothing but emptiness and the sense of death. But the ender could only laugh. It was over. All of it, completely and utterly finished. Then a thought crossed his mind. A vision of the future, of what shall become of him and the emptiness. The ender laughed again then nodded slowly. He turned and began to create. He began the genesis*EDIT*Found some errors, fixed now
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