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game: Freelancer


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Actually, Freelancer is not THAT good. [TK421] Lazy_M_F showed it to me once, and I almost fell asleep. OK, there were like 2-3 good parts of it, but I've seen all of that stuff before in all of those other sci-fi games.Now if you want to play a good game - I suggest you play FIREARMS!!!!! :DPeace.Bane.
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Well, Chrome I've seen so far only once, again courtesy of Lazy_M_F. Kinda looks like Unreal 2, but hopefully has a better storyline. Haven't played it though, just saw a few minutes of gameplay by my clanmate. I liked the cool features concerning some vehicles - either you drive, or you shoot. Besides the vehicles were cool themselves. I think I saw three different kinds - a buggy, a motorcycle of some kind and (my favorite) a bipod mech. Maybe some of you guys have played it and can say more, I'm done. Not much judgement there, but I just can't jump to conclusions.Now, this post is a bunch of crap. : :D : Really, I'm sorry for taking up this webspace, but I was provoked.PS. For those of you who don't know (unlike Mac, it seems) Chrome is a Polish game.
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