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ya'know (a new outlook)


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I've recently taken a step back


to examine the bigger picture


and it's suprised me how far we've come


right now, you can find posts on these forums BANNING people from certain GAMES because they people cheated...


or BANNING people for being jerks in GAMES


and, as I read over the disguised insults and excellant grammar, I laughed a silent laugh, that no other heard


Guys, have you ever stepped back and looked at the genius that is today?


we've so far from Pong, heck, we're treating this like a sport now!


People seriously make their lives revolve around this.


Video games are jobs for some people. Like the big game industries that work YEARS on making something for OUR entertainment!


People form these clans, like Team3D (CS) and pretty much make a living off games like Counter-Strike and UT2k3. Pulling money tournament after tournament


Look at the graphics. Sure, we dish graphics everyday for not being 'realisitc' or 'human-like'




Look how far we've come!


from squares and rectangles to shapes I didn't even know existed.


So, really guys, c'mon...settle down with the flame, stop the "BS" and the "You're a f**king moron"


and just remember


it's a only a game, created only for your entertainment

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