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this is a lond long method


If you are having a problem with steam updates and the .dll error try these steps


Download steam FULL installer from somewhere and FULL FA2.8. Uninstall ANY HALFLIFE componants you have on your system, once you have uninstalled all of anything to do with HL do the same with steam. Reboot.


The system needs to be as if it has never had FA, HL or steam on it. (ie directly after a complete format)


Run a registry cleaner to get rid of all the rubbish that steam and HL left in the registry then go and delete ALL folders and remaining files that are in any way related to steam (have a look inthe folder if you arent sure, itll contain something with valve or steam in it somewhere) do the same with anything related to the install of Halflife (you dont have to delete downloaded mod installers, models or other tweaks for the games.)


Reboot again.


After this, Reinstall steam full version DO NOT install anything from ANY halflife CDs that you have (you dont need any of it)




Run steam and let it update (will take approx 30 mins, allow any firewall prompts you should receive 2 or 3 as each new ver installs) it should change to the familiar grey skin with the last update.. this may take a while but bear with it.


Reboot AGAIN


log on with your usuall account and let steam run in the system tray. you should not need to receive or enter any CD keys if you used the original email that you 1st used, and the full steam install will contain HL, CS, DoD, TFC, DMC opForces and a few others. and they will update as needed.


LEAVING STEAM RUNNING IN THE BACKGROUND.. go and now install Firearms 2.8 once you have finished, restart if desired, but FA should be on your 3rd party games list.


This will still install everything to where it was before, (c:\prog files\steam\steamapps\youremail\whatever\random.file


this has sorted about 10 nameable problems that i have found with steam (<lag >fps faster load times, faster connection times, NO CRASHES AS YET. etc etc.) i think that in the initial conversion (which alot of people run still) from WoN some errors were caused, and because this is a fresh install and the full installer contains all the original Release files of Halflife and associated mods, it goes onto the system much smoother. (+ it sorts out the DLL error)

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A BIG THANKYOU TO [TA]-Shotty. This worked for me and saved my sunday aftyernoon from hrs of removing all half life and reg keys to reinstall all games and steam. Planned work on truck then play here at night. YAHOO ;-)In other pc beside 1st 1, no uninstall ever done with anything, not even steam. Just copy the ifc22.dll file from sierra\half-life folder to steam\half-life folder.
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