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old pic of me playing in 2.7a


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yea i was kinda angry when i noticed that the steilhand was gone. It was my favorite thing to use, along with the bizon and frag grenade. Now the grenade is more complicated to use and the bizon seems to be able to kill someone with 5 hp and below. Why does the MP5 seem to be less damage now? before it was 1337 aiming and avg dam, now it seems to be a little less.
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speaking of hitting what you aim at where in the hell can i get your x-haies not the fa forum is down?

My x-hairs were designed for 2.7a. I still use them for 2.8, but there are some compability problems. The first Problem is that you lose the firemode meter at the botom of ur screen. Also the x-hairs for the remington and pkm dont work. What you need to do, is take a *.txt file from another gun that works copy it twice and call it weapon_pkm.txt and weapon_remington.txt.


Unfortunatly the guy who made em, seems to have dissapeared from fa and i cant find him anymore.



pm me

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