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June 1st?


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Who knows maybe they're trying to change the minimum requirements to a 64 bit proccessor and a 256mb video card and so on and so forth :) . I do know I read that they're implementing a new anticheat system that is ID related. Maybe that is what is holding them up cause you can see how well they did that with regular HL. Anyway they'll release it when they release it, you know they always try to wet your appetites before a release its just that sierra and valve always leaking news too early. But anyway I'll bide my time like everyone else :) .
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I'd like to see them use something like what Unreal Championship for Xbox Live did. When you join the server, it scans ur HD or whatever to make sure you havn't modifying ANYTHING! No custom models, sound, sprites...this also stops such things like added files, scripts etc.
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