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May I say something?


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May I say something?


When I am mad about insane lag - I yell (mostly off mic).


When I suspect someone's hacking or cheating (or maybe it's just that I suck) - I complain. I sometimes speak Polish, just because then I can complain faster. ;)


BUT I try to have fun and keep my behavior as close to the server rules as possible. I know I sometimes fail. But 5 seconds after I take my headphones off and cool down, I realise that it is a game I was just playing. I did not bet money on the results. My children's lives were not at stake (not that I have any that I know of :p ). I will not get arrested, imprisoned, sentenced and put to death for my K : D ratio being less than 1.00.


I am not in DoL. I am not in TA. I am in this cuckoo Star Wars clan. But I respect the people I play with. ESPECIALLY when I know these people for a longer time. Sometimes I join the game JUST BECAUSE I see a friendly TA or DoL name on the server info in STEAM.


Please everyone, FA lets you put your everyday problems aside. Don't make it a place where new ones arise.


I'll let you all in on a secret. When I am really REALLY R E A L L Y mad about the game... I quit! As simple as that. If you think it's all a conspiracy against you, just press the reset button, and before you know it YOU WILL COOL OFF. IT WORKS! After those 5 minutes it takes to reboot, launch Windows, then STEAM, then connect, you will want to PLAY again and NOT to have issues.


Let there be more LOLs and less STFUs :)




Reverend Bane. LOL.


[EDIT] - a little change just for Mac :)

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I agrea with you bane. The things that are happening now are NOT good, i have seen them happening before (fore the less enlighted spirits among you, i have been playing this game from like 2.1 or so) There where some arguments like this in 2.5 what coused my clan, and others to quit FA and with it a lot of good players and becouse of that a lot of good servers. Remember it is JUST A GAME. like football or soccer or rugby. So keep your head cool and keep on playing...
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Thatll be me i presume ;)

I don't know about B a n e, but for me - yes, Wellsy, you are one of those names. I have a couple people that I like in FA not depending on the clan tag they have in front of their names. That's even a lot of couple people - I like almost everyone! :p

But seriously. I have the advantage of not having a mic (unless I'm playing on another comp, but that's rare). So I can't really burst out with cuss whenever something bad happens (plus the worst and most annoying thing happening to this poor old laptop is crashing and then only the people in the house can hear me swear :twisted: ). I admit that I was kicked or punished once or twice for swearing. Yes, I was. Happens to everybody. It is a game, but it's a game that can get you wanting to be better at it. It's like playing football (american "soccer") - when you... I dunno, miss the goal by centimeters you start swearing. You should just remember that after the game ends, you'll go for a beer with the guys you played with. The same in FA - afterwards you'll still be seeing the people, talking to them on the forums, for example. There is a life outside FA and we (at least I) do not want to spoil it, right?


It's just a game. Don't hold grudges long. Don't put up silly accusations and unnecesary cuss throwing at each other. You exit the game and it's alright again. Everything's fine, nobody's shooting nor dying. Relax and remember - we should all be friends here. That's why the TA server is always such a popular place - the atmosphere, the people, the fun. Let's keep it that way, guys. I'm trying to...

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