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Say what you want about the Canadian goevrnment, but the law forcing Bell to resell DSL bandwidth to independant ISPs rules!!!!!3.5M/sec conn for 29.95 CDN per month. I admit it has a 25GB/month cap, but that is pretty high, and any packets send between 2am and 10am count as off peak time and are not added to the 25GB/month total :)I cannot complain... well... except about FA 2.8 physics where I can unload a G36E at point blank range into someone's head and they can still turn around and kill me. :\
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LOL! Joke. It isn't really connect, but I just opened the LAN window. Shotty, the theme is with a program called Style XP. I can't remember if it comes with that style, Community, but that is what it is called. There is a website that you can download all sorts of themes. Oh, and when you download it, it will say somthing like trial version, but it isn't like you only get it for an amount of time.
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