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+forward doesnt work in FA


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I joined TA early yesterday morning on powerspeedball_4. I chose a config. and hit join the battle, spawned and tried to play. As soon as I tried to move forward, back, left or right, I would die. Someone told me to check my binds. I did and found that all my movement keys were set to "kill." Also my fps_max was set to 1.0I have no clue as to how this happend becuase I had just been playing and all my config.cfg was normal. Now, I went and unbound my forward key, then rebound it to w as +forward. However, it still doesnt work. I can move left right and back, i can shoot merge clips, bandage, etc, but i can move forward. Kinda critical in FA. I reinstalled FA and my +forward still doesnt work. Now i have all the default crap AND I cant move forward. Anyone have any ideas on wth happend. It is my understanding that people can mess with your config if a server uses admin mod. I have no idea if TA uses admin mod, but maybe a TA admin could check the logs to see if someone changed my settings.
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Hmmm ... I'm somewhere between novice and expert pc know how ... if all keys work fine with other programs, then not keyboard driver or mehcanical prob ... you reinstalled fa ... my former steam fa probs remained when i reinstalled it too ... but when told to look for files missing in steam\fa that are in sierra\fa folder, copied those over to steam fa folder and voilla ... if you have fa install folders in sierra folder compare file count of that with steam\fa ... if different, copy over what missing ... may also help to copy all those files over ... but guessing on that.
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