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HeY HeY HeY WASSSUPPP~?i need to get a FORUM POST IN so,, ,here it is weeeeeee ,, i have a problem when i close out of FireArms sometimes my SCREEN freezes on my DESKTOP after EXITING the Game :twisted: :? so i have to shut down improperly then i have to reCONFIGURE my CONTROLS and add my NIK name back in!,any ideas ,suggestions i do use HLSW and CD' please POST any HELPFUL info ty~! also i wanna say "GOD BLESS ALL OUR TROOPS & aLL TROOPS that are on US side~!and their FAMILYS~! and for all those PROTESTERS GRRRR!!!!! they will REALIZE this is an unadvoidable WAR! I, and im sure all others DO NOT want a COUNTRY like IRAQ with a madman! as PRESIDENT to have ,possess or CONTROL ANY FireARMS of MASS Destruction ~! well thats my THOUGHTS~! cyas soon on FA ~



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