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Hullo.Go sign the No Steam petition...do so now...I signed it, I personally hate the steam idea. They're gonna shut down all Won servers and replace them with Steam.here's the statement made by the petition:'Valve Software has announced that all upcomming Mods and Updates for their game "Half-Life" will use Steam technology. This technology discriminates 56k and ISDN Users, as they have to download the complete game (~500mb), which takes way too long. As well, Valve forces all users to use Steam, because they are shutting down the WON Servers, which you need to play Half-Life online without Steam.'
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Ok guys some friends and I have been working on a way to zip these steam files and get them into a MUCH smaller pack. If I can get some of the things right I MAY be able to offer them for download or on CD for you guys. I have been able to reduce the file size greatly but there have been some files that were not working after putting it on other computers. Anyway as the 56k users go it will be hard for them to play but as for broadband...no problem. If you are on broadband steam will be something you will like after you use it a while.
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