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This may be a stupid question or maybe someones already asked it but why are there 3 Unforgiven's all with the same exact spelling and all use the uzi as a favorite weapon but all have different won id's and ip's...just wondering this isnt a complaint so dont argue anything with me just answer the question.
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I was thinking the same thing, like maybe someone pretending to be Unforgiven when he's not around.One reason that supports that is I saw he has an alias LiquidSnake, but then one day (unless I was seriously dreaming this) I beleve I saw both Unfor and LiquidSnake on at the same time. Odd... =/But one counter arguement I have is that I saw Kamikaze on his name at his friends house, and I'm assuming that it created 2 seperate PsychoStat names for him because of that.So odd and puzzling. :? :roll:
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