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Thinking of Linux...


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I am thinking of switching over to Linux but I have a few questions. 1) Is it free and downloadable? 2) Which kernel should I use? 3) Can I run games with it just like Windows? I dont want to give up my FA, NS or DoD. 4) Can Windows programs run on Linux? 5) How easy is it to setup and use? 6) Can I install Linux on a Windows machine then uninstall Windows? 7) How secure is it? 8 ) How stable is it?Here are the kernels that I know of:Debian LycorisLindowsKnoppixYellow DogRed HatBSD Mandrake
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1yes it is free for some of them some you have to pay for2 which everyone you like the interface for3 games are very hard to get installed (i use to use linux) if you look at most games they say you need windows or mac os4 no youll need a lot of new stuff for example they dont have a linux install for aim or msn and so on5 easy to step up very hard to use especailly the non graphical interface6no you can reformatt the drive install linux and than install windows and have a dual boot7 yes its very secure nobody really wants to virus linux users cause the many different versions and 1% of ppl use it8very stable never crashed for me but if anything did you have to figure out what alt+ctrl+del is for linux
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IN networking redhat is a much better choice than Window 2000 (I haven't got to mess with 2003 but I am sure it cost out the butt just like 2000)But i wouldn't use it for just a users comp. Also don't do duel boot unless you know what you are doing =Pps: heh good choice on sticking with windows
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-Killer From Away]8very stable never crashed for me but if anything did you have to figure out what alt+ctrl+del is for linux

The "alt+ctrl+del" is a MS-DOS command who restart you computer on "warn mode" :

The "reset" button on your tower is called : "hardware restart" or "cold restart" cos it restart the computer with all "data registered" with zero...

But the "alt+ctrl+del" or "warm restart" is same as your computer restart after you have uptdated or installed new drivers or programs : it restart without turn off the computer = warn restart, not a cold restart who loose all datas on registers.

But my old friend Billou (Bill Gates), stolen the "kill" command from linux and included in his win xp : when you press the "alt+ctrl+del", it open the "kill" program from Linux who can to stop or to turn off the crashed program without to "warm restart" your computer who was under MS-DOS or old windows until 98 2nd edition...

Do you have understund ?


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