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A challenge


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Hello Armory,


I couldn't find a 'challenge' section to your forums, so hopefully this will be acceptable.


Anyway, I'm here to offer up a friendly challenge to whoever is in charge of your 2142 division War Arranging. My clan is European based, so please try to factor that into any decisions about what you think would be a good 'match time.'


We are flexible though, and will gladly try to work with whatever is agreed upon by our two W-A's. We generally prefer 8v8 normal scrim (No Vehicles as we enjoy Infantry), but 6v6 or 5v5 is also acceptable.


Please get back to me by shooting me a private message through these forums, or by contacting me on Xfire. My Xfire is Kyouteki16.


Hope to hear from you guys. =)



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Sure do, and sure thing if the server weren't set up for ClanMod (Garbage mod by the way) at the moment. We've been participating in a Spring Cup hosted by ClanBase and as such, been to lazy to turn it back to Public. =/


At least that is a good reminder to switch it's settings.


Well, other than that, I hope we can enjoy a few scrims together as practice is always a must. If any of you want to check out our site and post some challenges or look up our server information, the webby is www.2dclan.co.uk


Thanks for the responses so far guys.

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I'll see if we can get a group back together for 2142. Though our interest for tournaments or scrims isn't a lot right now. We mainly play for fun we were participating in the 2142 league thru TGL a while back.

You can count me in, Are you guys regestered with and gaming league? TGL?
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Yeah, so true.


At any rate, the only league we're registered with is a site called Clanbase. I think it's a Euro league, but I don't recall off of the top of my head.


Thanks for considering us for some scrims guys, and if you know of any other clans that might be interested, we'd certainly appreciate the support. Finding competition for 2142 is just becoming such a pain in the arse.

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