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Hmmm I don't own any "HK's" I got rifles and shotguns, nothing to fancy. Shotguns for turkey/bird hunting, and rifles for deer and peopleHeres the guns I own (I'll put up some pics sometime).44 Magnum Revolver (Pistol).22 Mag Revolver (Pistol)12 Gauge Maverick Pump Action 3" (Shotgun)12 Gauge Remington Pump Action 3" (Shotgun)12 Gauge (Old Model No Longer in Use) Bolt Action 2 3/4 (Shotgun).22 Remington 10 shot, w/ Scope magazine bolt loader(Rifle).22 Mag Rifle 5 shot w/scope Bolt action (Rifle)7mm High Powered Rifle bolt action w/scope (Deer Hunter).223 Rifle Bolt action /w scope (Out of commission rifle/damaged)[EDIT]: I am kidding by people in use of rifles.
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Nice site psy. In germany sometimes you get a gate guard that was german holding a g3a3 or a g36e :D and if they where REALLY nice they would let u hold it and (they take clip out tho) it was really awsome upclose. The models in FA are a bit wrong but better thne nuthinh huh?
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