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Battlefield Bad Company 2 PlayStation 3 and Xbox 3

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Just in from EA's Battlefield Blog


Battlefield Bad Company 2 PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Updates


Last week saw the release of Battlefield Bad Company 2 version 1.03 on the PlayStation 3 worldwide, which you can read about here. An additional update went out in North America to bring the game up to version 1.04. That update will be available in Japan today (June 7th) and in Europe tomorrow (June 8th). Additionally game servers will be updated in each region as the update goes out to everyone.


The following changes are in the 1.04 update of Battlefield Bad Company 2.


o Vehicles can now be damaged by friendly fire when playing Hardcore.


o The MG36 now properly has its red dot sight in Hardcore.


o Damaged vehicles no longer blink on the minimap for soldiers without a powertool.


o SPECACT kits can be used on all SDM and SR levels.


o 40mm Shotgun is now properly rewarded platinum at 500 kills not 1000.


o G3 and Mk14 can now use the AR Marksman specialization.


o Fixed a graphical issue when equipping the GOL with a 4x or Red Dot sight.


o Scoring is now awarded after a player’s death.


o Increased Tickets in Conquest mode and significantly increased Ticket Bleed when holding a majority or more of flags.


o The Conquest Horn now only plays for a short time when running low on Tickets.


o Updated the weapon stats in the Menu to reflect previous weapon balance changes (no additional weapon balance changes were made).


o Increased the power of the UH-60 miniguns at long range.


o Armored Vehicles are now more effective at running over soldiers.


o Fixed an issue on Isla Inocentes where destroying a fence would also destroy the building containing an MCom.


o Fixed various hangs and exploits.


An optional content update for the Xbox 360 will also be available tomorrow (8th June). Though it is optional the update contains numerous gameplay tweaks. As such we highly recommend all players apply the update as soon as it is available. The update will be required to access future VIP Map Pack content. Players will be automatically prompted to download this update when they access the Multiplayer menu. You will need to restart Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for the update to take effect.


A VIP pass is not needed to utilise the update, however a VIP pass is required for access to the upcoming VIP Map Packs. VIP Codes are available through the in game store and inside all new copies of Battlefield Bad Company 2.





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