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HeyI thought it'd be cool to see everyone's custom configs (well, every who has custom configs anyway)Custom Configs are those class like things things that you can click on just before you click 'Select Arsenal'Mine are like this:'Secert Sauce'-Heavy, Arm Pads, Leggings, Helm, bandaides, frag, sterlingSupport Gunner-Med, arms, helm, m60, bandaides (I think)Farmer Joe-Heavy, arms, legs, helm, remingtonVetren Conscript-Med, Arms, legs, helm, frag, bandaides, ak74Famas Wh___-Med, arms, legs, helm, frag, FAMAS (duh)Navy Seal-Heavy, arms, legs, helm, frag, mp5Marine-Med, arms, legs, helm, deagle, m16 (I think)Sniper-Med, arms, legs, helm, SSG3000




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why wouldnt you buy bandages with that famas config? you are wasting credits in almost all of your loadouts.

I play a lot differently than you

I don't like going out and searching around my base for bandaides

+ some maps don't have bandaides...you need to buy them

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