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New maps!

Armory Staff

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Just in from EA's Battlefield Blog


New maps!


Map pack 4is out!


AlrightLadies and Gentlemen! New Map pack 4 is out so my suggestion is you turn onyour machines, download it from the in-game store and get right into the action!


AtacamaDesert Rush mode - A Russian Naval Group is preparing a massive amphibiousassault. Defending the shore are 3 U.S fortifications and a string of artillerydefenses. Deteriorating weather and sandstorms, U.S. Command has consolidatedall available forces to meet the Russian threat.


Port ValdezConquest mode - Russian Forces are poised to attack the harbor in an attempt toseize the Trans Alaskan Pipeline. No fallback exists for either side, thisengagement will decide the outcome of the war.


(Please visit the site to view this media)


The map pack is available with a VIP code, which is included in every new copy of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. A VIP code can also be purchased via the in-game store. PC users will not need a VIP code and will receive the new map pack via an in-game patch.





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