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BF3 Blog Highlights of the Week, August 5

Armory Staff

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It’s been another great week for Battlefield, filled with news, features and a whole lot of amazing community interaction. Let’s quit jawing about it and get the festivities underway in this brand new installment of Battlefield Highlights of the Week!




We posted Battleblog #5 this week, giving us a chance to explain how exactly Battlefield 3 will be the deepest shooter in DICE history. We got to chat with Battlefield 3 Persistence Designers Valerian Noghin and Fredrik Thylander who discuss the many facets of customization, rewards and unlocks. Care to find out what your skill and dedication will be rewarded with in Battlefield 3? Click here to read the full blog for yourself!


Destructoid announced this week that, on Tuesday, August 9 at 3pm PT, it will be taking on the EA Origin team in a bout to the death in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Both brigades have some clutch players, which is sure to make for some memorable matches, but that’s not the important bit here. If the Destructoid crew can overtake the EA Origin team, Destructoid will be giving out 20 pre-order codes for Battlefield 3 to their fans for free.


That’s not all! Destructoid and EA Origin will be giving away another 20 pre-order codes to their fans in the days before the event, so be sure to follow them on YouTube and Twitter for a chance to win. Click here for all the details!




Don’t Revive Me Bro, Battlefieldo and other like-minded organizations have banded together to create a new charity event, First Person Savior. The First Person Savior charity event is in support of Somalian Hunger Relief, with all proceeds going to the World Food Programme to assist with the Somalian relief operation. If you’d like to find out more about First Person Saviors or to make a donation, visit firstpersonsaviors.org.


To help clarify the various pre-order offers being provided by different retailers and locales, we made a post this week with all of the pre-order information available to help with the decision making process. Would you like to know what it takes to get the Back to Karkand expansion? Are you curious about the Dog Tag Pack? Are you wondering about how you could get early access to the Battlefield 3 open beta? Do you simply want to know about the Xbox 360 avatar gear? It’s all right here.


Set in the world of Battlefield 3, Battlefield 3: The Russian was announced this week, helping build out the world, conflicts and characters found in Battlefield 3. Authored by former SAS operator and Battlefield 3 consultant Andy McNab, The Russian provides a solid yarn that several are already paying attention to. Don’t take our word for it – the press is speaking out as well! “Like the game, the novel is charged with documentary intensity, high octane action, and ripped-from-the-headlines incursions. Battlefield 3: The Russian paints a picture of a soldier struggling to do whatever it takes to keep himself, and his platoon, alive.” – Worthplaying.com. Care to see what other critics have to say about Battlefield 3: The Russian? Click here.


Thanks for tuning in and we’ll be back next week with even more Battlefield goodies for you to enjoy! If you have any videos or images, or any other great Battlefield-related items you'd like highlighted, hit us up on Facebook or Twitter! Until then, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, leave us a note in the comments section and we’ll respond as soon as possible.


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