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BF3 Blog Battlefield Boot Camp #1: Back to Basics

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With people hopping on to Battlefield over the past several years, you may find that you may be a bit behind the curve when it comes to the skill of other players. We’re here to say: That’s okay! I’ve personally struggled with that lately, as I’ve been thoroughly decimated while getting back into the swing of things on BFBC2.


That said, you will definitely be able to hold your own after a short while, and getting better only takes practice and some sound tactics to keep in mind while fighting the fight online! With that in mind, we’ll be providing some great strategies, pro tips, while covering the basics, getting you ready to hold your own and help out your squads online in Battlefield 3. First up: Let’s get back to basics.


Gamespot’s Start-Select featured an installment on Battlefield: Bad Company 2, covering some of their favorite tactics to keep in mind while on the Battlefield. This particular episode of Start-Select really covers some of the basics of Battlefield’s online gameplay, providing a lot of great tips to keep you alive online. Are you new to the world of Battlefield? Are you a Battlefield veteran returning for another tour? This video acts as a great starting point for your entry into the online world of Battlefield.


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