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Battlefield Blog: Battlefield Boot Camp #2: All for One...

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One of the greatest joys to be had in Battlefield is performing a surgical strike on an objective with your squad. It’s hardly an easy thing to do, but when you pull it off, it’s definitely one of the most gratifying experiences to be had online. However, to get that sort of skill, you first need a squad, and you’ll need to know how to coordinate with your teammates. Fortunately, Benjamin Sell of BrightHub.com put together a slick feature, explaining some great tactics to employ with your squad on the Battlefield.




Obviously, coordination and teamwork is a huge part to keep in mind while playing Battlefield online, and while that sounds like very generic advice, you’ll find the good stuff lies all in the details. This BrightHub article does far more than just spout out the obvious – it does quite a nice job explaining all the fine points to help you understand what needs to be done. It’s not just a matter of saying “work together” – anyone can do that. Rather, it’s the various explanations and scenarios with examples that help pull things together. Squad respawns, flanking tactics, communication, squad balance and so much more are all covered, and we can attest firsthand that many of these tips have definitely helped our skill. All of the advice found in BrightHub’s article can be made into good habits, and all it takes is a bit of practice.


Read the entire Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Guide to Squad Tactics at BrightHub.com!


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