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BC2 UK Forum: Exclusive Battlefield 3 Interview with KM Troedsson

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Matt Cuttle of the EA PWNED show managed to get an exclusive interview with DICE General Manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson about the co-op demo and 64-player PC battles in Battlefield 3. Check out the video below:



If you want to cut right to the chase, here is the transcript of the aforementioned interview:


MC: Karl Magnus, thank you for joining us on the side of the stage here. You've just been playing co-op and it was pretty hectic!


KM: It was pretty hectic and it's actually quite dangerous when you do live demos on stage, especially when the co-op demo has random factors built into it but we managed to pull it off well, I think.


MC: So we just got a taste on the show there, what will you be showing over the next few days at Gamescom?


KM: Well have a very wide offering, actually. In the main booth, we're going to have a 64 player PC map called Caspian Border being played out in Conquest Mode that's going to be very, very big.


MC: And the final thing you showed that trailer involving those jets... pretty special!


KM: You like it?


MC: I like it a lot, yeah!


KM: We're also going to have the Playstation 3 co-op build. The mission is called Exfiltration that we showed here at the press conference today. That's going to be playable as well on different parts at Gamescom. But we also have Team Deathmatch playable on PC, on the map called Metro that some of you might have played during the Alpha Trial. That's going to be in the Community Lounge, so if you're sneaky, you might be able to get in there as well and play.


MC: Do you know what? I don't think I'm going to get any work done at Gamescom. I think I'm just going to camp out at the Battlefield 3 zone.


KM: That would be a perfect result of what we have done!


Keep checking back for more Battlefield 3 updates and be sure to visit the GamesCom landing page for photos, tweets, video and more!




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