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BC2 UK Forum: “Only in Battlefield 3″ video highlight: Dual Jet Efficiency

Armory Staff

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The fighter jet is arguably the most powerful and deadly weapon in history. But if thereÂ’s one thing thatÂ’s more powerful than a jet, itÂ’s two pilots working in perfect coordination, using teamwork to make them an unstoppable force in the skies and a deadly threat to those on the ground.Players matdeslaurs and cdeslaur show us how itÂ’s done.


Every day leading up to the announcement of our three winners, we will highlight one of the DICE Top 10 picks here on the blog. Today’s highlight: “Dual Jet Efficiency” from Drummercd4. You can see the other nine picks that we made at Battlefield.com.


The Official Battlefield Blog


This was our motivation for including it in our Top 10 pick:


Two pilot brothers show the world how to clear maps by proper team work and tight formation flying in fighter jets. Team work at its finest.




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