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BC2 UK Forum: Battlefield 3 players get head start in the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer demo, starting

Armory Staff

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WeÂ’re happy to announce details regarding access to the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer demo for players who have activated their online pass for Battlefield 3. PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC players who have activated their Battefield 3 online pass (PC players who have played online do not need an online pass) will have early access to the multiplayer portion of the Mass Effect 3 demo starting February 14th (normal access will begin on the 17th).


Be sure that you use the same EA.com log-in that you used to activate your Battlefield 3 online pass or that you use when signing into your Origin account when you sign into the Mass Effect 3 demo. And, if you want to be extra certain that youÂ’ve got your access squared away, be sure that youÂ’ve signed on to the Battlefield 3 multiplayer servers and have played a multiplayer match.


We know that youÂ’ll be using the skills youÂ’ve picked up on the Battlefield to kick some serious co-op butt. You can download the demo when it goes live on February 14th from the PlayStation Network Store, Xbox Live, and Origin. Make us proud out there!




Join the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer demo early on February 14th




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