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MaximumPC: Game Developer’s Average Salary Down From 2012, According to Gamasutra Survey

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/files/u166440/gamasutra_logo.jpgResults cover indie and salaried game developers

If you have been wondering whether or not becoming a game developer is a career path worth pursuing you might want to take a look at what the average pay is like. Gamasutra has posted the results of its annual Game Developer Salary Survey with some interesting statistics based on the response from 4,000 developers worldwide. The survey was conducted in May 2014 and covers game developers over various disciplines that include audio and design for 2013. 


According to Gamasutra’s findings, the average yearly pay for a salaried game developer, across all disciplines, in the U.S. was around $83,060 in 2013 which is down 2 percent from 2012. Meanwhile, Canadians were up 9 percent with an average of $71,445 USD whereas European developers remained flat at $46,232 USD. Breaking it down to the various jobs in the U.S. saw people in business and management earn an average salary of $101,572, audio professionals earned $95,682, programmers $93,251, producers $82,286, artists and animators $74,349, and quality assurance testers were paid an average of $54,833.


The survey also covered the indie side of things, on a worldwide basis, which revealed that non-salaried, solo indie game developers earned an average of $11,812 which is down 49 percent from 2012. On the other hand, individual members that were part of an indie team averaged $50,833 which is up 161 percent. 


If you are interested in reading all the results from the survey, then you can view it over at Gamasutra (PDF)


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