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MaximumPC: Twitch Enables Copyright Scans and Limits Archiving of VODs

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/files/u166440/twitch_logo.jpgCopyright infringements results in VODs being muted

Back in May it was rumored that Google was looking to purchase Twitch for $1 billion. While we wait for confirmation on this rumor from either side, Twitch is making some big changes. According to its official blog, Twitch has enabled copyright sweeps and has limited archiving of video content.


Twitch announced that it has partnered with Audible Magic to help scan past and future VODs for any copyright music that might have been used during live streams. While scans will look for music owned by Audible Magic, or controlled by its clients, Twitch also revealed that the scans will look for in-game and ambient music. 


30-minute blocks of VODs will be scanned and, if any copyrighted music is detected, the audio for that block of time will be muted and the volume controls disabled. However, Twitch stated that such scans will not happen during live broadcasts only for past broadcasts and highlights.


In addition, the company has also made changes to how long it will archive past broadcasts and highlights. The most immediate change was the removal of the “Save Forever†button. For regular streamers, VODs will now be saved for only 14 days while Turbo Subscribers and Partners will have their past broadcasts and highlights stored for 60 days.


Providing a reason for why past VODs would no longer be stored indefinitely, Twitch CEO Emmett Shear said, “We found that the vast majority of past broadcast views happen within the first two weeks after they’re created. On the days following, viewership reduces exponentially. We also discovered that 80 percent of our storage capacity is filled with past broadcasts that are never watched.â€


With these changes, will you continue to use Twitch to stream your gaming sessions?


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