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MaximumPC: Yes, DirectX 12 is Shipping with Windows 10

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/monthly_10_2014/post-2-0-30710300-1412354854.jpgMicrosoft confirms that DirectX 12 will be included in the final release of Windows 10


In case you were wondering, Microsoft fully intends to bake DirectX 12 support into the final version of Windows 10 when it releases next year, the company confirmed in a DX developer blog post. Oh, and also in case you were wondering, Microsoft thinks "it's going to be awesome," which is much better than the company saying, "Meh, it's simply okay. Actually, it kind of sucks, but we're including it anyway."


Game developers who want to get a head start playing with the API can register for the DirectX Early Access Program. Those who are accepted will receive updated runtimes, API headers, drivers, documentation, and samples, all of which Microsoft says will work with the Windows 10 Technical Preview.


But wait, there's more! Microsoft has teamed up with Epic to create a DX12 branch on the Unreal Engine 4 GitHub repository. It supports UE 4.4, which is the latest publicly released version of the Unreal 4 Engine. Those who also subscribe to Unreal Engine 4 can join Microsoft's open development project.


Like AMD's Mantle technology, the DX12 API offers developers deeper access into hardware to improve performance. It also introduces a set of new rendering pipeline features that Microsoft says will "dramatically improve the efficiency of algorithms."


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