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Battlefield Blog: History of the Recon in Battlefield

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The celebration of the Recon class in our second BF4 Class Week continues with a sneaky stroll down memory lane. Learn more about how the Recon has changed in appearance, name and weaponry over the years…


Battlefield 1942

This is where it all started. Back when the Battlefield franchise was brand new, the origin of what we now call Recon was born. Binoculars and rifle in hand, the Scout class of Battlefield 1942 engaged enemies at long ranges and helped out the team by designating targets for allied artillery.


http://blogscdn.battlefield.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/bf4-history-of-recon-2.jpg http://blogscdn.battlefield.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/bf4-history-of-recon-3.jpg


Battlefield 2

As with the other classes, the Sniper saw many changes as the Battlefield series transitioned to a modern-day setting. Concealed by the iconic ghillie suit and blessed with a higher moving speed, the Battlefield 2 Sniper was silent and deadly. Remember the Zip Line Crossbow gadget introduced in Battlefield 2: Special Forces? It’s an inspiration to a certain gadget in the upcoming Battlefield Hardline…


Battlefield 2142

Taking an even further leap into to the future, Battlefield 2142 equipped the sneaky class with a new name – Recon – and futuristic weaponry unlike anything we had seen before. The duties of taking out distant enemies and utilizing hi-tech gadgets were the same though. Putting down RDX (futuristic C4) and making ourselves almost invisible with the IT-33 Active Camouflage made the 22nd century a true blast for the Recon.




Battlefield 1943

Remember racking up headshots and marking targets on the timeless maps of Wake Island, Guadalcanal, and Iwo Jima? DICE remembers. In Battlefield 1943, the Scout also had access to TNT – previously bestowed upon other classes – which was put to great use when attached to empty vehicles we parked on strategic places.


Battlefield: Bad Company 2

The enemy had to wake up pretty darn early in the AM to stand a chance against a skilled and seasoned Recon player in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Besides delivering precise headshots concealed in camouflage, the Recon showed immense power via gadgets such as the all-time classic C4, the intelligence-gathering Motion Sensor, and the powerful Mortar Strike.


Battlefield 3

In Battlefield 3, the reconnaissance aspect of the Recon was expanded and through gadgets like the Motion Sensor we could gather invaluable intel on the enemies. The Recon could also give its squad a new, strategic spawn point with the handy Radio Beacon. However, in order to get enemies a sporting chance the Scope Glint was introduced, making the Recon a bit more visible when sniping at their foes.


Battlefield 4

…and that takes us to the present. In Battlefield 4, the Recon is as important for the team as ever. We hope you are having tons of fun using Recon gadgets and perfecting your sniping by using the PLD and zeroing your rifle. Keep that Recon action going and remember to lay out lots of C4 – returned to the Recon’s arsenal as of Battlefield 4.


We love stories from Battlefield veterans, so share your Battlefield 1942 Scout memories in the comments below!




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