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MaximumPC: AMD Catalyst 14.11.1 Beta Driver Now Available to Download

Armory Staff

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/files/u69/radeon_graphics_ac.jpgBeta driver boosts performance in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Assassin's Creed Unity


AMD Radeon graphics card owners had to sit back and watch as Nvidia released not one, but two WHQL certified driver releases in less than week, one of which included performance tweaks for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and the other adding Assassin's Creed Unity optimizations to the mix. If you've pitched a tent in AMD's camp, you can stop pounding sand now -- AMD's Catalyst 14.11.1 beta driver is now available with performance enhancements for both titles.


The standard disclaimer applies -- this is beta software we're talking about, so it could be buggy. If you game on a mission critical machine or otherwise have an aversion to even small risks, sit back and wait for the gold driver release, it shouldn't be far behind.


For everyone else, Catalyst 14.11.1 beta is supposed to net up to a 30 percent performance increase in CoD:AW with FXAA and lower game resolutions, as well as introduce a CrossFire Profile update for improved performance when running multiple GPUs. And in Assassin's Creed Unity, single GPU performance gets a performance bump, along with a CrossFire Profile of its own.


If you've been noticing occasional corruption in CoD:AW while running CrossFire, Catalyst 14.11.1 beta should help with that as well.


Driver Download


Release Notes


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