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Gaming News: The 10 Best Kickstarter Games

Armory Staff

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/files/u166440/the_banner_saga_small.jpgGreat games we love made possible by crowdfunding

The Kickstarter scene exploded a few years back, as gamers discovered the crowdfunding platform and began to fund various video game projects. The plethora of games seeking funding ranged from new concepts to sequels that boasted new, unique features or appealed to our sense of nostalgia. Because of Kickstarter, we have seen some amazing games that have raised millions of dollars in funding, such as Star Citizen and Pillars of Eternity. 


Still, other Kickstarter projects raised much more money than their originally stated goals, thanks to an excited gaming community willing to fund them. However, over the past couple of years we’ve seen games that received funding way above their goals, then get cancelled due to not having enough funds (or other reasons).


Clang, a project headed by science fiction author Neal Stephenson, was cancelled two years after its successful Kickstarter campaign, because of financial issues. Double Fine, which had two successful Kickstarter campaigns, has stumbled with financial issues, too. Over the past two years, quite a few projects have fallen to the wayside or not lived up to the ambitions set by the developers.


Despite such examples, successfully funded games have slowly made their way to the community. So, we decided to list 10 Kickstarter games, in no particular order, that we feel are the best so far. However, we narrowed our list to games that have been completed and not being sold through Early Access. 


But before you check out the gallery, we must give an honorable mention to Elite: Dangerous, which was recently released. It appears that it could easily make our "10 best" list but we didn't have a chance to play it before this article went to press. We will, however, consider updating this article with more high-quality AAA Kickstarter games as time progresses.


Feel free to let us know which Kickstarter-backed game is your favorite in the comments below.


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