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MaximumPC: Leaked Images of Windows 10’s Spartan Browser Show Minimalist Design

Armory Staff

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Rumored features include digital inking support and tab grouping


Microsoft has a special press event scheduled for January 21, when it will finally turn the spotlight on Windows 10’s consumer-specific features. Chances are Microsoft could end up formally announcing the new "Spartan" browser, which we first heard about late last month, at the upcoming event, though it’s hard to say anything with certainty at this stage. Well, it may or may not figure on the upcoming company’s agenda for the event, but Spartan has already gotten the tech media buzzing.


Over the last couple of days, some fresh details have emerged, along with a couple of purportedly leaked screenshots, courtesy of Chinese site Cnbeta, that show a Chrome-like minimalist browser interface.


The new browser, according to a recent The Verge report citing people close to the company’s plans, will have a number of new features not currently found in competing browsers, including digital inking support that lets users add annotations to web pages using a stylus. What’s more, multiple users will reportedly be able to share these annotations with each other using a OneDrive-powered note sharing service. Cortana integration and the ability to group browser tabs are some of the other key features that the browser is rumored to have.




You may have noticed that in the above screenshot the browser’s tabs bar and the Windows taskbar are both dark. That is, per The Verge, part of a Microsoft plan to “build light and dark themes with color accents for Windows 10”, à la Windows Phone.


Image Credit: Cnbeta


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