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Gaming News: Sega to Cut 300 Jobs, Will Focus on Mobile and Online PC Games

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/files/u166440/sega_logo.jpgStaff offered voluntary retirement

Despite successes such as Alien: Isolation, which sold over 1 million copies, and Football Manager 2015, Sega will be making some unfortunate changes. Sega announced that 300 employees will be solicited for voluntary retirement while the company focuses on mobile and PC gaming as part of a restructuring and downsizing process.


"Voluntary retirement will be solicited in the aforementioned businesses to be withdrawn or consolidated and downsized, while at the same time personnel will be repositioned in Digital Games and growth areas of Group mainly as development personnel, in order to establish a structure which can constantly generate profits,” the company informed employees. “The purpose of these measures is to improve the business efficiency of the Group."


Sega of America will feel the brunt of this process with its business being moved from San Francisco to Southern California. In the meantime, 120 jobs will potentially be lost between February 9 and the end of March though the company will offer incentives to employees who voluntarily retire.


“We are confident that by relocating to Southern California we will be able to thrive, grow, and become a stronger company because of it,” said Sega of America president John Cheng.


Cheng added, “We are sad to say goodbye to some of the best people in the business and are indebted to them for their hard work and dedication through the years.”


Despite the restructuring and layoffs, Sega announced that upcoming game releases will not be affected while developers Creative Assembly and Sports Interactive will be relatively unscathed during the process.


Upcoming games include Total War Battles: Kingdoms, Total War: Arena, Total War: Attila, another installment of Football Manager, and a western release of Yakuza 5.


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