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News: Syber Announces Line of Steam Machines at GDC

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/files/u166440/syber_steam_machine_switch.jpgCompany will offer six models

Ever since Valve announced last year that it was delaying the launch of its Steam Machines, in order to perfect the Steam Controller, we have been wondering when that would be. Last week, the company then announced that it would showcase new living room devices, a SteamVR hardware system, and a finalized version of the Steam Controller. Now we are starting to see the new hardware as Syber has announced its line of Steam Machines at GDC.


Syber, which is a division of CyberPowerPC, revealed that it will be offering six Steam Machines, powered by SteamOS, with In-Home Streaming capability that will be available for purchase later this fall. Some of the Steam Machines will be shown at GDC and the company has provided some hardware specifications in addition to the price.


“We created the Syber Steam Machines to give gamers more power and more customization than the standard video game consoles like Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox,” said CyberPowerPC VP of Product Eddie Vong.


At the cheaper end of the line, the company is offering the Syber Steam Machine-E which will be powered by a quad-core AMD processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics with a retail price of $449. For $549, there is the Syber Steam Machine-P that comes with an Intel G3258 3.2GHz processor and AMD Radeon R9 270X card. Those looking to spend more money can shell out $999, which will get them the Syber Steam Machine-K that has an Intel Core i5-4690K and Nvidia GeForce GTX 970. 


Aside from the six models, the company went on to say that its Steam Machines are capable of being fully customized with the latest hardware from Nvidia, AMD, and Intel in addition to a new color being available called Syber fire-orange. However, such Steam Machines will have a starting price point of $1,399.


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