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News: GDC 2015: Gabe Newell Talks About Growth of PCs, Source 2, Steam Link, and More [Video]

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/files/u166440/mpc_gabe_newell_02.jpgValve’s tools are there to “keep PC gaming moving forward”

Valve certainly turned heads with its SteamVR experience and other announcements about Source 2 and Steam Machines during GDC 2015. But the announcements didn’t stop there. The company also held a presentation that Maximum PC Online Managing Editor Jimmy Thang was able to record, where Valve boss Gabe Newell talked about Steam Machines, Steam Link, Source 2, Steam Controller, Vulcan, and the growth of PCs


While Valve didn’t allow any questions to be asked during the presentation, Newell talked a fair amount regarding the growth of the PC industry saying that Steam has seen an increase of 50 percent year-over-year. A claim that is substantiated by the company's announcement last month that the digital distribution platform currently boasts 125 million accounts. He went on to briefly talk about how the industry has continued to grow when it comes to hardware, that there has been a 20 percent decline in bandwidth cost, advancements when it comes to monitors, and the rise of generated user content. All of which has contributed to the PC industry's growth.



Newell also talked about Valve’s Source 2 engine and how it will be free for everyone to use. One of Valve’s focuses on its newest engine, he elaborated, is productivity for both developers and gamers. Vulcan, which is the next-generation of OpenGL, was also talked about and how it is a cross-platform API that will be supported by companies such as Valve, Blizzard, and Epic Games. 


There was also a demonstration of Valve’s new Steam Link hardware that will let users play games in 1080p and 60Hz, in conjunction with a Steam Machine, PC, or Mac on any televisions. The Talos Principle, a pre-alpha version of Unreal Tournament, and even System Shock 2 to demonstrate the Steam Link and Steam Controller. 


If you want to hear what Gabe Newell has to say, be sure to watch the video.


So what are your overall impressions of Valve and its various announcements at GDC? Let us know in the comment section below!


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