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Ballistic Shield


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I just read that my emblem shows on the ballistic shield (had no idea!). So I put a red dot in the middle of my emblem. Maybe that'll draw some fire :)


Other interesting info via http://battlefield.wikia.com/wiki/Ballistic_Shield


The Ballistic Shield is a gadget set to be featured in Battlefield Hardline.


It functions in a similar manner to that of the Battlefield 4 variant though it features a few key differences. Unlike the other variant, it is much more resilient to explosives that have detonated in front of the shield. When not in use, the shield will be held on the operator's backside and will protect them from incoming fire accordingly. While the shield must be held with both hands, it can still be used to perform a bash attack on hostiles. It generally takes three hits to kill an enemy.


The shield is able to withstand all forms of incoming ammunition from firearms, as well as 40mm Grenades, C4, M67 Grenades, and most melee weapons. Operators' sides and feet are exposed unless they are crouching, and even then, it is still possible to damage their feet.


While completely invulnerable to all infantry weapons, it can be destroyed by vehicle weapons such as the M2 Browning, as well as the RPG-7V2 and SMAW, and heavy hammers. It takes two RPG rockets, one SMAW rocket, or six hammer strikes to destroy the shield. If it is destroyed by a rocket, the explosion will also kill the player.

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