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With the upcoming Spring Patch release, we want to look at our full weapons catalog and do some changes.


GOAL: Better define the roles of primary weapons, clarify their differences and improve consistency, through:


Tweaking effective weapon ranges per weapon type


•See example illustration of new damage model: Open Weapon Damage Model


Suppression changes


•No suppression at optimal/effective range, only in the falloff ranges and beyond


•The intent is for suppression to be used as a tool to reposition yourself in combat


Making headshots more meaningful


•Bring back 2 hit kill headshots within optimal range (varies per weapon, not available on all weapons)


Reducing the impact of a high rate of fire


•Keep both high and low rate of fire viable choices respectively


Clarifying bullet spread, impacts and recoil


•Improved 1P Tracer effects, Sniper vapor trails, bullet impact effects & sounds


Making shotgun behavior more consistent

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