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CTE test servers


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I have finally taken the plunge and joined CTE (Community Test Environment). I have played on the new night maps, tested the new guns, and I got to play the new jungle map in development. I am impressed with all so far.


The new night maps should be coming out for everyone at the end of May. You have seen the videos and I know you were all impressed. Playing them is even more impressive. Zavod, Gullmond, Shanghi all are very impressive and you will all make them your favorites.


The new guns are a bit of a mixed review. The AN-94 to me is better than it was in BF3 but not as good as it was in BFBC2. The grozas are medicocre and the mares leg was fun.


The new jungle map has yet to be named but was very interesting to play. It is in the early stages currently. I mean pre-alpha phase. The ground is grid squares. The is no color or texture. Everything is the color of sand except the players, the guns, and the tanks. This is going to be a mixed bag that I believe everyone will enjoy. Plenty of cover, plenty of snipers spots. So its easy to flank the pesky snipers but the snipers and still get kills too. It was really a fun map and the best map overall for BF4 in my opinion.


If you get the chance to try out CTE, I would advise you to. I will be testing on Sunday and Monday in the early hours before our BF4 server gets up and running. I think its worth the look.

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