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I haven't heard of this before and upon reading most of the web site I'm wondering if they are making them yet. The homepage says production should start in 2012, I see no place to purchase one. Another question I have is what type of fuel does it use It says on a page with a diagram "co generation plant fuel" what is it and where do you get it? If i were you I would do some more research into it.


If you have access to wood might I suggest a Rocket stove mass heater. I am going to make one this summer with a buddy for his greenhouse. Legally you can't heat a home with it in Canada yet but It is a great idea to heat your living space and cook food on. With a fraction of the amount of wood you would need to heat the same space with a conventional wood stove/fireplace. The best part is you can build one yourself for a couple hundred bucks depending on how handy you are and where you source the part.


You can start with this site but search "Rocket stove" and there are videos on how to make one and plenty of info about how it works.




I have a buddy (actually it's my buddies dad) who is very knowledgeable about all aspects of living off the grid. He did it for a few years and has written quit a few articles on how to go about doing it the right way. He is Architect by trade but a hippie through and through, I think he is on face book I'm sure he would be more than happy to help you. He is one of the most intelligent and kind hearted individuals I have ever met in my life.


Check out his articles




I'll let you know how the build goes this summer.

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I was talking to a fella just yesterday about this topic. He indicated to me that there is a Cogeneration system for residential use available from China. Costs $12000.00


I have not yet found the manufacturer nor the product we were discussing. I will be researching more. I'm hoping to find something soon. Will keep you posted. Thanks for the links. Will look into that as well.


Honda has a CHP available but I don't want anything that runs off gas engine



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