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My GFX cards are dying


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After from what seems like forever my two Nvidia GTX 580s are dying.  Frames keep crashing in games and the artifacting has begun after doing research this seems to be memory artifacts.  It was a good run while the lasted but its time to move up to better things.  I have ordered a GTX 960 from MSI which will act as my main card until I can get the 980 Ti from MSI.  I will use the two cards as the 980Ti will be my primary for heavy gaming and the 960 will be a supplementary card for driving the extra monitors, hd audio, and physx.  Now while this does seem like a lot of unnecessary power I do plan to upgrade to 4k UHD in the future.  Below is the example of what is happening a bit more frequently now.ffxiiiimg2015-06-1714-33-49-04.thumb.jpg.d9c638dfee372d299ea07daeb5868bf1.jpg
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They only seem to be doing it under heavy gaming loads either they will crash or do that.  I've been meaning to upgrade these cards for a while now since they can't handle the newer games.  Things just got moved up ahead of schedule was going to wait for the next generation of Nvidia to come out but I guess not lol.
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