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New Keyboard


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So I picked up this keyboard today.


Strix Tactic Pro  $169.00CDN


Could not do my business with the spacebar issues I was having on my the G710+ I spilled liquids on.


The keys are quiet compared to the 710. This one has the Brown keys. Very nice.


Time to throw the 710 into the dishwasher and see if it fixes the spacebar issue. :tongue:

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Thanks for this dishwasher idea


Well, if it works and you get a nice, new shiny keyboard, you are welcome.


If anything goes wrong, it was Axle that told me to tell you about it. I thought it was a bad idea.  :)

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Too late


The 710 got the dishwasher treatment this morning. It's been drying under my gazebo 10 hrs now. I will be testing it out in the morning. Gonna see if your idea worked. If so, I have no worries on when I spill another coffee, cough cough, I mean beverage ever again. :tongue:

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