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181 Clan issue (TKing)


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I know its petty but I feel after 3 tk's I would like something possibly done if at all there is a chance.


I was in gunner when this started on the Attack Chopper.  He just spun left for a good minute, then right.   So I tested him by saying BRB.  He then flew just fine and landed.  I was moving the gun around expecting his buddy to come up and he did.  I aimed at him and watched him TK me.  


*He admitted to the TK while we chatted in game*


He shot me later in the map, again.


181 Clan Sudano68 and TheFrenchJesus


\The next map he gloriously seeked me out and shot me for shits n giggles.  I really didnt care I was sniping pretty good.  It was fun, but this guy was like that mosquito in your tent when camping that never fuckin lands but you keep slapping your head.


*Cool video of it*


Twitch Highlight of the TK (Click Me!)  *Yes its legit not spam*


Great server, tons of fun,  Love you all.

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