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Server Ranks .... alternative perspective


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Not sure why I'm posting this as it doesn't reflect well on me but ..... I find myself looking at the GameME stats page and smiling/laughing when I see how far bu11boy is behind me :tongue: . Then I see the amount of time I have sunk into the server and realize the stats are very skewed - in that the more time you play the higher the rank you will/should be rather than based on skill etc.


So, I decided to play around with the data of the top 50 players and redo it based on server score per minute. It makes for interesting reading - I think.


Server RankNameTotal MinutesScoreSPMSPM Rank1[TAC] ACS_of_FSC27202182,5056.71372[TAC] Axlerod123615159,9046.77363[TAC] bu11boy12868146,04811.35114[TAC] Gatornade21067139,6656.63385[TAC] Drakulya143110027101,38710.11186[TAC] Danbaron583766,82111.45107[TAC] 2-Point-O935465,9387.05348[TAC] W0LFZ3RO363260,38216.6329[ETT] Sinner_ETT536047,9538.952310[TAC] ThomasPC383647,57512.40711Vagatarian68450544,5989.901912[HOOD] HowieTim579542,6847.373213[TAC] GISweets347342,65712.28814[TAC] RigormortisCAN527841,9107.943015[TAC] Decklanx417039,2839.422116RickYourAstley376837,1539.862017[EBDA] Scorp_EBDA768637,1144.834718[TAC] LFM1431036,9418.572519[TAC] Camo102511286536,94012.89620--19Hunter70--336235,00610.411521[HOOD] Sam3084546534,8536.384222[TP] Omensix410834,4218.382823ViciousPatriot431734,3757.962924[TAC] trapperdrew702432,9914.704825[EBDA] Ironmann69491132,5146.623926[TAC] Patches65574932,3435.634527[FMJ] WeedeaterUSAF295632,10010.861328[TAC] SargeMatas394031,0567.883129[TAC] Jenksterman465730,7106.594030[TAC] XSTATX431429,8986.933531[TAC] Trouble_SR247429,79112.04932[TAC] VUD0479329,4716.154433[TAC] RoadRunnerXF206829,31814.18534[TAC] swiftvengeance31466028,9866.224335[M5] Chapla1n390727,6927.093336Waveman227423827,6416.524137[sOLO] INGO102190427,31014.34438[TAC] auvymceachern589227,1014.605039[TAC] ismael03287226,8859.362240KentuckyToker255326,29810.301641chubeerain291125,3368.702442[EBDA] RKRNC_EBDA488525,2015.164643[DOA] Magic24pk240024,60410.251744[FMJ] EffinRed289924,5378.462745[EBDA] REDNECKB0B129624,17818.66146[VCAT] AngryGuy666165123,74314.38347[OEW] OEWRoamer275123,4738.532648[TAC] SkyCreeper9217423,44010.781449[MU] SHALDAG1498023,2854.684950[saVG] SaVaGeNaStY208622,95611.0012

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