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Green Man Gaming Denies It Sells "Grey Market" Game Keys


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Online retailer Green Man Gaming has responded to claims it is selling unauthorised game keys for Ubisoft and Activision titles, stating it has sourced its games "responsibly through authorised third parties"


An interesting read about Green Man Gaming

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I got this today. I'm out of town so don't have a chance to play the game until afterwards anyway. Going to stick it out, hopefully I can join you all next week :)


Hi claymorecarl,


There’s been a disturbance in the force.


We know that Star Wars Battlefront is one of the most anticipated titles to be released this month, and we have seen an unprecedented demand from you; so much so that we have already exhausted our current stock of keys. This is an oversight on our part, and for that we are sincerely sorry.


What does this mean?


More keys are on their way to us, but the disappointing news is that some of your orders will only be fulfilled after release date. We are working with more distributors than ever to ensure that every single person who ordered Star Wars Battlefront will get their order within 48 hours of release. Many thousands of you will not be affected, but for those of you who might be, we apologise in advance.


Our guarantee:


We guarantee that every single person who has bought a copy of Star Wars Battlefront from us and receives this email will have their orders fulfilled and keys delivered before the end of THURSDAY 19TH NOVEMBER. Some of you will receive your key immediately, some a little later, but ALL orders will be fulfilled as promised.


We apologise for the inconvenience to you, so by our way of saying thanks for your patience and support, we would like to offer you a 30% off site-wide voucher, which will be delivered after we have fulfilled your order.



Thanks again for your patience and understanding

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