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Battlefield 4 Holiday Patch is complete and in certification


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DICE has confirmed that the upcoming Battlefield 4 Holiday Patch is now complete and has been sent off to certification at Microsoft and Sony. The Holiday Patch, aka the winter patch, includes the new DLC Legacy Operations, which features a brand new map: Dragon Valley 2015.


The speed at which patches have been releases lately is impressive. The new Holiday Patch was completed just three weeks after the Fall patch was released, which included the new jungle map, called Operation Outbreak.

DICE and players in the CTE (Community Test Environment) have been doing an excellent job at testing the new updates, its new features, tweaks, etc. The Battlefield 4 CTE build can be downloaded by anyone who wants to test future updates in the game.


Usually certification can take a few weeks, which means we might get the Holiday update patch by the end of the month.


Again, the holiday update includes two things: the winter patch, and the Legacy Operations DLC (the new map). These will be released as separate downloads.


However, due to the size of the map, Legacy Operations will only be released on current gen consoles and PC (no Xbox 360 and PS3 release).

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