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Dragon Valley Easter Egg Runs


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We have started to get people their Dice LA Camo and have started to perfect the process. We will be running this event at off peak server hours ie before 6:30pm EST. So that we can get some form of order, we will be running it on a first come first serve basis.


There are several requirements we require from you:


When idle - no firing your weapon / explosions or any other distractions.


Keep communication to a minimum unless related to the task you are assigned. General chit chat interferes with various aspects of the process.


Follow the instructions given to you.


Familiarize your self with the location of the 7 switches (https://imgur.com/a/JHUQx  and



If your actions are deemed to be interfering with our progress, you will politely be asked to leave and be removed from our priority list.


Our next scheduled runs will be as follows :


Saturday 12/26/2015   Start @ 12:00 noon, EST. till 6:30pm EST at the very latest.


Sunday 12/27/2015  Start @ 12:00 noon, EST. till 6:30pm EST at the very latest.


Reply below, stating your wish to be included, and the day you will be able to attend. Again, first come, first serve!




We managed to get over 25 people their camo over the course of those 2 days. If you still need / want it, please post and let us know which days/times you will be available. Having to reconfigure the server, having people available to help is not something we can always do so please help us to help you.




Interest in this seems to have dropped off. Therefore I am going to un-feature it from the forums, but the offer is still available. Just contact us (ie, PM, reply to this message, ask in TS3 etc) and we will do our best to make it happen for you!

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RK from EBDA reached out to me last night and 4 of his guys should be available on Tuesday, 12-29-15 @ 3pm EST to do a few runs for them. If I could get a couple (or more) bodies to help push this through faster, I would appreciate it. If you need the camo too then great, come along and get yours too. If you don't need it, your switch pushing skills would still be appreciated.


Thank you.

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