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i listen to myself... #Repeat


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haha i used to listen to my songs all day... personal favorites are but not limited to: Dead motherfuckers, Bad Dreams, Grew into this man, and summer in the city ft waffle.


i havent rapped for awhile but i consider myself in a state of training... this is who i listen too to get me pumped, he a new kid from vegas thats gonna tear this game apart!


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Rather than having a preferred style of music or artist, I tend to like music from across all genres. However, one style that features very lightly in my list is rap. I kind of understand why others may like it, it just doesn't do anything for me. Rap always seems like it should be spelt with a silent 'c'.


If it gets you pumped up, blast it out of your speakers/headphones to your hearts desire - as long as you are on my team. If you are against me though, turn that 'c'rap off!  :biggrin:

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