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i was waiting to go to the beach and started a new game to show you guys what its like. i put the settings on easy, and zombies on fragile just to progress a lil faster only because the vid. is like 12 mins of game play. i wanted to do some stuff, really basic things just to show you how the game works. you can do SO much more once mess around with everything.



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i really didnt show anything you can do that blew my mind in the game, make camp fires, forage for berries, purify water from lakes or rivers, trap game like rabbits and squirrels to survive, burn bodies, customize ur living space (posters chairs the works.) u can have a generator (which needs gas obviously) to power ur home that either you built or just re-enforced like i did in the video.


ill make more videos and post them later. there is a lot of places to explore and forage for stuff. online the center of west-point (where im at in the video) and the mall are hot spots to go too.

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I can see the attraction to that game. The Sims blows my mind as to why people play it. The same for minecraft (but that's mainly because of the graphics).


Personally, I don't have the attention span I used to have and need simple point and shoot games to even be mediocre at :smile:

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