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DICE LA is still working on Battlefield 4, expect updates in the future


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Los Angeles-based developer hasn't given up on BF4








February 3rd, 2016 IN News





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After 2015, we didn’t hear much about DICE’s plans for Battlefield 4. The Winter patch was the most recent update released, and considering that the game is 2+ years old, many players feared this was the last update we’d get.


However, DICE Los Angeles outfit seems to still be working on the game. DICE LA’s David Sirland recently told fans that Battlefield 4 CTE “isn’t dead” — CTE is the community test environment that’s used to test future updates for Battlefield 4. Sirland added that they are “very busy at the moment”. Hopefully with BF4.


While DICE LA is working on Battlefield 4, their main studio in Stockholm has moved on to work on the next Battlefield game, rumored to be Battlefield 2143.


After the Winter patch, released late last year, there isn’t any concrete information on what we can expect next. We know that DICE tested several other night maps, but have only released one (Zavod Graveyard Shift). Perhaps the next update, whether large or small, could include another night map.


Earlier this week, DICE revealed the BF4 February 2016 events, which include double XP weekends, dog tag assignments, and more.



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