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BF4 MP will be down for 1 hour per platform starting 8A UTC / 12A PT for a game server update.




The update http://news.softpedia.com/news/battlefield-4-improves-multiplayer-for-xbox-one-and-ps4-small-servers-500100.shtml


On the official forums, David Sirland, a producer working on the shooter, explains that the default simulation is moving from 30hz to 45hz for all small servers, those who have 32 players at the most.


The developer explains that his team has taken into account a wide array of data before making the decision to tweak the tickrate, with a range of tests used to determine the best value for the community.


Apparently, higher values work well for most players, but DICE says that it wants to make sure that all those still playing Battlefield 4 are satisfied with the way the multiplayer is tweaked.


Sirland adds, "We are not increasing the default rate for 64 player for the same reasons. We did see issues for both players, and sometimes the server in certain circumstances in our testing – even at small tickrate increases."


For the 64-player servers, the studio has also chosen to be conservative when it comes to tickrate changes because it is not confident that all gamers will be affected positively.


On February 9 DICE plans to enable the new rate, starting at 10 AM CET, on servers in the North American East Coast server pool, with a testing period set to take place over the next two days before a full rollout take place on February 11.


The company says that it welcomes feedback about the change and that it will revert it if any problems are flagged by the community.



A new Battlefield title might arrive in the fall



The final paid downloadable content pack for the current installment in the series was launched in late 2014, and since then DICE has delivered some free updates for the shooter and has continued tweaking the core mechanics based on the feedback of the community.


Since then Visceral Games has launched the new Hardline, which moves the focus of the franchise to the conflict between criminals and the police force, with another piece of DLC set to be launched in the coming months.


Rumors are saying that a new Battlefield is being created by the team at DICE and is set to arrive at some point before the end of the year.


Apparently, the studio wants to use a more classic military theme and will offer mechanics that will attract a wider number of players.


So far no official launch windows and no platforms have been confirmed for the new Battlefield.


In the meanwhile DICE is still working on Star Wars Battlefront, which will receive monthly free updates with new content as well as paid DLC that will introduce more locations in the Outer Rim, Bespin and the Death Star, with gamers also set to get access to eight new heroes.

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New Battlefield 4 server update has improved anti-cheat system






DICE improves security and stability with new server update.








February 9th, 2016 IN News





<img src="

alt="New Battlefield 4 server update has improved anti-cheat system" width="640" height="375" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-10966" />



DICE just released a new Battlefield 4 server update, which includes a number of behind the scenes improvement. Chief among those is an update to the anti-cheat system, which should now be even better.




The Battlefield 4 R56 server update (the 56th server update to date) also includes stability updates, but DICE has refrained from releasing specific patch notes for the R56 update.


A message to players and sever operators simply says: “Additional stability and security updates on the back-end followed by server restarts.”


The server update was applied yesterday and is now live for all players on all platforms.


Like with any other popular multiplayer game, cheating is always going to be a factor. Over the years, DICE has made continuous improvement to the software to detect and ban players who cheat. They even deliberately left an exploit in the game last year to catch and ban cheaters.

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